Iceland Adventure

In August 2021, nine of us biked around the fjords of northern Iceland. We saw purple mountains, sod houses, pseudocraters, and lots of sheep and horses. We tried geothermal hot springs, giant outdoor trampolines, and rye ice cream. We had a great time.

Day 1: Boston to Reykjavik (by airplane and on foot)

Day 2: Around Reykjavik and to Fagradalsfjall (on foot and by bus)

Day 3: Reykjavik to Sauðárkrókur (by van)

Day 4: Sauðárkrókur loop (by bike)

Day 5: Sauðárkrókur to Siglufjörður (by bike)

Day 6: Siglufjörður to Akureyri (by bike)

Day 7: Akureyri to Húsavík (by bike)

Day 8: Húsavík to Mývatn (by bike)

Day 9: Mývatn loop (by bike)

Day 10: Mývatn to Reykjavik (by van)

Day 11: Reykjavik to Boston (on foot and by airplane)

Composite map of all cycling