Iceland - Day 1: Boston to Reykjavik (by airplane and on foot)

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Bill, Dana, Sarah, Gina, and i took a red-eye from Boston to Keflavik Airport outside of Reykjavik.

Bill and Sarah waiting at the airport

Gina waiting at the airport

Dana and Bill waiting at the airport

We're off! Flying over Deer Island

You absolutely cannot tell from this terrible photo, but they were setting off fireworks over Nahant, which was a cool view from the plane window

first view of sunrise from the plane

more sunrise as we approach Iceland


more sunrise as we wait to leave the airport

we waited about 40 minutes until our Flybus was ready to leave for downtown Reykjavik

Keflavik airport is guarded by this giant metal bird egg thing

buildings along the water, seen from the bus

more sunrise seen from the bus

more coastline seen from the bus

first view of Reykjavik

While recovering from jetlag, we took a taxi from Hotel Oðinsve to þingvellir National Park, a park which is located at the intersection of two tectonic plates, and was also the site of the Alþing, Iceland's parliament from the 10th-18th centuries.

metal roofs in Reykjavik

dragon art, around the corner from Brauð and Co (not pictured), where we got breakfast for the group

Hallgrimskirkja, the iconic church you can see from basically everywhere in Reykjavik

There was kind of a theme to the street names around the hotel

View down a street in Reykjavik

irrefutable photographic evidence that Scott has now joined the group

in the taxi on the road to þingvellir

fields and water seen from the taxi

starting to get a little mountainous here

field with pointy church, seen from the taxi

Icelandic ponies vs flock of birds

islands in þingvallavatn, seen from the taxi

first view of þingvellir park

another view of the park from above

the crack between the plates

Dana, Sarah, and Scott survey the park

we descend into the crack between the plates

looking down (never look down)

green grass and mossy rocks

exciting curved wear pattern on rocks

directions to Valhalla and other sites of interest

many rocks

view back to the tectonic plate walkway

Iceland is chilly

looking across a river to the site of the Alþing; you can see the raised meeting area to the left of the building

the following currencies may not be exchanged by dropping them into the Atlantic Ocean ridge

a tunnel in the rock

þingvellir Church (also a unit of measurement, as a scale 20 ells in length was marked on the wall of this church)

view of the park

door of þingvellir Church

this is not the tectonic plate divide, you can see the bottom here

path along the water

Sarah, Dana, and Gina along the path

fuzzy plants

rocks in the water under a bridge

view down the water

we cross the river to check out the tectonic plate viewing area

caution: divers crossing

divers waiting to enter the water

this water is probably not shallow

first waterfall!

þú ert hér - a map of the park

another giant wall of rocks

we walk down a path by this river to see the waterfall

so, err, a bunch of women were put to death by drowning at þingvellir in the 17th and 18th centuries, so that's not great

more view along the river

we found this neat insect

the waterfall!

Gina as we wait our turn to climb up to the fall

Scott investigates some rocks near the falls

mountain view along the falls

close-up view of the falls

back in Reykjavik with our friend Hallgrimskirkja

capuccino at Salka Valka

smoked salmon on rye at Salka Valka

mural of leaping cat on the side of a metal building

mural on the wall of Salka Valka, where we had lunch

we had a light early dinner of pita sandwiches from a place called Chickpea

metal building with a cool window cutout

metal building with good colors and a small cartoon mural

a neat slate roof

scooters for rent on the street in Reykjavik (we did not)

mural of a mermaid

mural of a bird-yarn situation

this is not our bicycles, this is a video store

candy display in the video store (spoiler: we tried some, it was mostly inedibly stale)

Kiki Queer Bar

Hallgrimskirkja at night

Bill, Scott, and i got second dinner at Cafe Loki

a reasonable porter at Cafe Loki

rye bread at Cafe Loki, probably with a fish spread of some sort

lamb soup at Cafe Loki

rye bread ice cream at Cafe Loki

Brennivin! (people harsh on Brennivin, but basically it tastes like caraway and alcohol, and if you like that, you'll like it)

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