Iceland - Day 2: Around Reykjavik and to Fagradalsfjall (on foot and by bus)

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We started our day in Reykjavik with breakfast at Cafe Laundromat, after which Gina and i took a walk to see the water view west, including stops at a bookstore, an outerwear store, and Iceland's #1 flea market

Emily, David, and Tom leaving Hotel Oðinsve

wall art in Reykjavik

a street corner in Reykjavik (check out the classy metal gambrel roof)

a building in Reykjavik

Emily and Joe in front of maps at the Laundromat Cafe

Bill and Tom at the Laundromat Cafe

Gina disapproves of the bookshelf at the Laundromat Cafe, which is sorted by color

hot chocolate


a bike rack disguised as a car, badly

speculative fiction in translation at a bookstore

speculative fiction not in translation

after breakfast, Gina and i went for a walk towards the Reykjavik harbor area

Harpa Concert Hall

an area by the water where people have made rock towers

clouds over Engey Island across the water

more view across the water

closer view of the concert hall

sailboats in the harbor

buildings across the harbor

description of the 1913 construction of the harbor

...with accompanying train cab

an outdoor display about Icelandic fish

more Icelandic fish: Bean's bigscale

more Icelandic fish: Sloan's viperfish

more Icelandic fish: Atlantic footballfish

Iceland's #1 flea market is open!

i did in fact buy a jar of souvenir coins

we did not buy any books for 300 kroner, but we could have

'lokað' means 'closed', but also i like the low clouds over the mountains behind these coast guard boats

skate park in the harbor area

street in the harbor area

a graffiti wall

more decorative bike racks

mural wall of a girl with a goose

looking north from the west edge of the harbor

looking west from the west edge of the harbor

Grótta Island Lighthouse across the water

running along the Rainbow Road back to Hallgrímskirkja to meet our van

In the afternoon, we took a van tour to Fagradsfjall, the volcano which erupted in early spring 2021. It was the rainiest day of our trip, so we didn't get a lot of long-distance photographs. On the other hand, lava is very cool. See below for many many photos of lava. When we got back from the volcano tour, we went to Apotek in Reykjavik for Emily's birthday dinner.

Bill and Scott in the van to Fagradsfjall

concert hall and port seen from the van

off to Fagradsfjall in the rain

a bike path in Reykjavik

in case of emergency, deploy this tiny red hammer

the town of Kópavogur, seen from the van

volcanic landscape, seen from the van

volcanic landscape, seen from the van

it was very rainy

wall art at our rest stop

our van to Fagradsfjall

mountains and fog en route to Fagradsfjall

landscape near Fagradsfjall

We're here! Milling around outside the van

foggy volcano parking lot

off we go up the hill

We're not actually climbing Fagradsfjall, but rather the nearby peak where the monitoring station is

Joe, Emily, and Sarah, climbing

Dana and Scott, climbing

Gina and Bill, climbing

Bill, looking back from the climb

first view down to the lava field, in the fog

many people climbing in the fog

also it's windy; Gina and Bill demonstrate

Gina climbs off into the mist

an impressive view of the drop to the valley below, which you can't see at all

Gina, Scott, and Bill, in the rain

craggy rocks, plus more nothing

more cool rocks

Gina, heading towards the mist again

a hilltop conversation

Gina, surveying the mist

the group, surveying the mist

Emily, observing large rocks on the climb

a meeting in the mist

more large rocks

we reach the observation station

lots of people put stickers on the observation station

we continue to see nothing from our vantage point at the observation station

Emily and Joe, in front of the abyss

Scott, in front of the observation station

if you watched the livestream of Fagradsfjall erupting, this is the gadget that was capturing that stream

these solar panels have had more effective days

the group climbs down into the abyss

our first sight, such as it is, of lava

Gina, in her element, picking up lava

lava field

a pointy piece of lava

lava field with lots of swirly bits

Gina and Chaos in front of the lava field

a small round piece of lava

a compact piece of lava

multilayered section of lava field

lava field closeup: not a bone

lava field closeup: not a sponge

lava field closeup: not a broken table

Gina, about to investigate the lava field

Gina, about to jump into the lava field

Emily shows off a piece of lava

this is definitely a piece of lava that we found

a salt-crust-looking lava formation

lava field

walking on a path between the lava field and some green scrubby plants

close-up of wave-like lava formation

cracks in the lava field

patterns and color gradations in the lava field

lava blobs at the edge of the field

another wide lava field view

Scott on the path

Gina in the fog

Gina and Scott at the edge of a tall lava field

swirly lava

rectangular lava piece

green hillside next to the lava

Scott on the path

dark lava field with hills behind it

sponge-looking piece of lava

objects viewed through lava are closer than they appear

there's just so much lava

the group standing behind a lava field

edge of the lava field

Gina at the edge of the lava field

the group assembling

Scott and Gina, distracted by a lava field

the group walks off into the mist

do not stand on lava, though

multicolored lava and rocks

a rock in the lava field

Gina carrying lava again

more fog... but wait!

another giant lava field appears in the fog

Scott, on the hilltop overlooking more lava

the group starts off down a somewhat harrowing path

edge of lava field

Scott and Gina face the climb down

the group, mid-climb

it's foggy and steamy and lava-y down there

the group, on a vast rocky hillside

more rocky hillside

lava in the valley

view down the valley

Scott, on the climb down to the valley

Sarah, on the climb down to the valley

lava valley, with mountains visible in the fog

more lava valley floor

yet more lava formations

more view across the valley

Scott at the edge of another lava field

the group heads out down the valley

close-up across the valley


Gina in front of another lava field

the road out

one last rock surrounded by lava

the road behind us

back to the parking lot!

a smoky drink at Apotek

trio of vegetarian dips, and some not-vegetarian fish, at Apotek

duck at Apotek

dish at Apotek

fish dish at Apotek

dessert wine flight at Apotek

d20 mousse at Apotek

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