Iceland - Day 3: Reykjavik to Sauðárkrókur (by van)

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Reykjavik to Sauðárkrókur (by van, 319km): We started the day with breakfast with David and Tom at a cat cafe with crepes. Then we did some last-minute jacket shopping, then checked out and headed to the bus terminal, where we were scheduled to meet Will, our driver for the week. Most of the day was the long drive up to the north coast of Iceland. Bill entertained us by reading two sagas from a book of Icelandic sagas he'd brought on the trip. We made a couple of stops, at a sod church, and at the really interesting turf house museum at Glaumbær. We arrived at our hotel, shook down the bikes, then went to dinner at a nearby restaurant. A few of us tried out the hotel's outdoor hot tub after dinner.

view from our hotel in Reykjavik

scaffolding view from our hotel

interior of hotel room

cappuccino at Café Babalú

interior of Café Babalú

we found a book nook upstairs to eat our breakfast

breakfast crepe!

Tom and David at breakfast

giant Playmobil person guarding the stairs

building in Reykjavik with metal siding

exterior of Café Babalú

a house with metal siding

a house with pride flags in the window

look at those roof shingles!

look at that roof sod!

walking to the bus terminal to meet our van driver

a menace

you can see Hallgrímskirkja from everywhere in Reykjavik, part N

luggage, awaiting a van

construction near the bus terminal in Reykjavik

could that be our van?

it is! now we're inside the van

underway, looking at the coast of Reykjavik from the van

mountains in the clouds

marshy view across the Kollafjörður (fjord) north of Reykjavik

big mountains, small cows, much fog

coast near Grundarhverfi

view across the Hvalfjörður


rock face north of the Hvalfjörður

dark clouds and water through the van front windshield

mountains, fog, and houses across the fjord

more mountains, fog, and water

more mountains, fog, and water

enough mountains and clouds? we're just getting started

a flat marshy landscape

looking across some rainbowy water at Borgarnes

seagull over streetlamps entering Borgarnes

sky back across the water

houses on the cliffs

green mountains in the interior of western Iceland

more green mountains

transmission lines over a field in the rain

first view (i think) of Hrútafjörður, our first northern fjord

green fields and buildings at the edge of the fjord

green farmland and mountains in the rain

view at the edge of a fjord

green fields, much small cows

road, river, mountains, rain

a different shade of green field

a monument near Víðimýrarkirkja

a quick stop to visit reconstructed sod church Víðimýrarkirkja

a stream going off into the mountains

our van and bikes

the Skagafjörður Heritage Museum was closed, but we walked around the sod church

roof of the sod church

trying to look into the sod church window

gravestone behind the church

the green side of the church

back on the road with fields and haybales

...and mountains

next stop, the turf farm at Glaumbær

the museum is closed, but we can still walk through the houses

air-preserved stockfish

sign describing locations of 11th century longhouse remains (the buildings currently on the property were built in the mid-18th-19th centuries)

mountains visible from Glaumbær

exterior of sod houses

interior of sod houses (it's dark in here)

interior of roof

interior of walls

farm equipment in front of wall interior

the farm equipment has pointy teeth

close-up of wall interior

dirt floor of sod house

living room of sod house (this one has a significantly more finished interior)

and a wood ceiling, even (wood is historically rare in Iceland; the deal is that the sod protects the wood from the elements, so it will last longer)

Gina on the ladder up to the attic

the finished houses are pretty dark inside too

roof of the attic

kitchen equipment, mostly for cheese-making

kitchen storage barrels

the wheel

19th-century bed and storage furniture

bed with bonus animal horns

wall of beds

look, a musical instrument of some sort

look, some yarn in progress

more textile-related equipment

a game board and pieces

more sod walls

view from the window

finished room of sod house


a giant stove area with big metal pots (apologies for the dark photo)

reference unit sod house

turf farm parting shot

sod wall of turf farm parking lot

back in the van in the rain

Hótel Tindastóll, our lodging for the next two nights

fuzzy mountain behind hotel

outdoor hot tub at hotel

building with a green facade

water view of Skagafjörður from the hotel parking lot

hotel room

view from our window, fjord and mountains

harbor view

rooftops of Saurðárkrókur

Gina, on a hotel porch

David, on a hotel porch

a beer at dinner at KK restaurant

a buffalo pizza stick, at dinner

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