Iceland - Day 6: Siglufjörður to Akureyri (by bike)

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(near) Siglufjörður to Akureyri (61.5km): An important thing to know about this day of riding is that the wind consistently blows south to north in the fjords. So this ride, which started with a van ride through the tunnels near Ólafsfjördður, was a slog. We had a couple of good meals, a late lunch at a restaurant in Hjalteyri a few kilometers off the route, and dinner in downtown Akureyri.

Siglufjörður docks in the morning

a boat (Ólafsfjörður is 16km downroad, though presumably further by boat)

more docks and mountains in the morning

clocktower/steeple on a hillside under some avalanche guards

mountains across the fjord

buildings and mountain fog

a long olive building with a long metal roof

looking back at Siglufjörður from the road east

a mountain stream

about to enter the tunnel we're not allowed to bike through


exiting the tunnel at Ólafsfjörður

looking up the fjord from Ólafsfjörður

presumably a useful thing to have in your backyard

wall art: possibly a troll

wall art: possibly a family

in the last tunnel, west of Mígandifoss

looking east across Eyjafjörður

looking southeast across Eyjafjörður

it is quite windy here

David demonstrates how windy it is


a closer view of the island in the fjord

the group, stopping at the side of the road

waterfall, headed down to the water

hang on, what's in this field?

it is blueberries! many blueberries!

they were totally edible, we didn't die even a little

looking up at the waterfall

more waterfall

south along the coast

David and Gina, with blueberries

sheep, among the purple heather (i think)

an avalanche fence

i don't know exactly what causes this rock formation, but it's got to be troll-related

fluffy plants

riders, climbing

road, valley, mountains, riders

the view across the fjord

a distinctive bit of glacial ice

view down the valley

mountains, water, troll footprint

mountains reflected in the water

we took a rest stop just past Dalvik to photograph things reflected in the water

mountains, valley, buildings

Bill, Tom, and David, approaching

more mountains reflected in water

mountains and island

an excitable cloud

sure, it's only 32 km, but let's briefly recap the headwind situation

turnoff to Hauganes, which we do not take at this time

Dana and Gina at the road side

water view as we approach the fjord again

mountains inland

mountains and trees inland

riders, approaching

hay bales and trees

view north up the fjord

Tom and Bill walking into the wind

view south down the fjord

we've been led to believe if we ride to Hjalteyri, we can eat lunch

Dana opts to press on to Akureyri, but the rest of us want lunch

Bill, out of the headwind for now

We made it to the water

Bill, David, and Tom inside Eyri Restaurant

there is a bit of a nautical theme

and a nice mountain view

and a tasty bacon and egg sandwich

...and a pavlova?

docks at Hjalteyri

lunch achieved, time to climb back to the road

we saw these 'leaving town' signs in several towns in northern Iceland

view from the road east

mountains across the fjord

Sarah and Scott rejoin the group after their mountain-climbing adventure!

the road ahead

valley, mountains, clouds

stopping to take a picture because the headwind is terrible

a river beside the road

river, fjord, mountains, and we've come 14km from Hjalteyri (it feels like longer)

approaching Akureyri

Sarah and Gina heading uphill into Akureyri

dark clouds, pointy tree

the bike parking space at our hotel has a slightly low roof

hotel grounds


a street on a hill in Akureyri

theatre in Akureyri

walking along Strandgata

looking south across the bottom edge of the fjord

dinner at Bryggjan

cocktail at dinner

pasta at dinner

an exciting-looking food whose precise nature i do not recall

view across the water in the evening

lights in the mountain above Akureyri

the group, at dinner

art on the side of a building

elf houses!

mediocre photo of a very cool night sky

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