Iceland - Day 5: Sauðárkrókur to Siglufjörður (by bike)

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Hofsós to Siglufjörður (60.8km): Second day of riding! We rode up to the end of the peninsula of trolls. The first half of the ride was pleasant, flat terrain and a big tailwind, but after lunch, we struggled because the gravel roads meant fighting the rollers rather than coasting up them. We stayed at Hotel Siglo, where we looked at boats in the harbor, and sat in the hot tub for an hour before dinner at the hotel restaurant.

i couldn't sleep at 4:30am, and went for a walk to photograph the sunrise

mountains behind the town

sunrise over the water

town, sky, lenticular clouds

sunrise over the harbor

Sauðárkrókur's black sand beach at sunrise

sunrise over a jetty

mountains behind the town

sunrise over water and mountains

realistically, this is the best photo of a lenticular cloud i will ever take

more mountains

more black sand beach waves

sunrise over the mountains getting redder

sky over jetty

more sunrise over the harbor

a building in town

a bird in the sunrise

one last shot of this sunrise

stone steps leading to nowhere, found at our hotel

historical owners of Hotel Tindastóll

leaving the base of the fjord, for real this time

groove up a mountainside

morning view across the fjord

ooh, look at that roof

Bill and Gina are amused by something while we wait in Hofsós

David, Bill, and Gina, still waiting to get underway

still not underway

finally underway (40 minutes later, and a few km up the coast)

i took a bunch of photos of this because the land bridge didn't make visual sense to me; i thought it must be an optical illusion

turns out this is þórðarhöfði, an early Ice Age volcanic island which is actually attached to land

you can walk there (we didn't)

lake by the side of the road

mountains by the side of the road

much horses

Bill, Joe, and Sarah, ready to go


road and mountains and cyclist

Sarah, underway

it's less fjord and more ocean at this point

geothermal something something?

one sheep

two sheep

water and land, possibly a sheep or two

the road ahead along the coast

road and mountains across an inlet (the Miklavatn?)

houses across the inlet

a sheep looking at the camera for once

field and mountains

coastal water feature

road, houses, mountains

closer view of that water feature

a sheep eating lunch with its hay bale friends

a sheep impersonating its hay bale friends

landscape with red grasses, and also some sheep

the group, zooming towards the interior

mountains near our lunch stop

Gina observes some mountains

look what we found at our lunch stop!

Gina and Scott investigate the trampoline

the trampoline works!

more trampoline experiments

trampoline hijinks continue

our work here is done

the base of Miklavatn as we head back to the coast after lunch

inland, with haybales

a map

the road behind us towards the interior

the road ahead; please note gravel

most of the group walking up the gravel road

south view along the water, plus riders remounting their bikes

more water view

the tower watches us back

riders walking their bikes away from gorgeous mountains


last view across Miklavatn before we head north again

next stop, Greenland

Sarah in front of water and mountains at a rest stop

Varúð! (also some sheep hiding at the base of the sign)

sheep, not hiding

Sarah, about to see a nice ocean view over the top of this hill

riders, descending

red mountainside

brown mountainside

view south down the coast

more sheep

more coast

the road ahead

Gina and Bill walk their bikes uphill

the road is terrible gravel, but it's real pretty here

this is probably a troll

mountains inland

this road is paved! still pretty

Joe, zooming out of a very fun curved (and paved!) downhill segment on the north coast

sheep + arctic ocean = sheep

the view back along the coast

the road ahead; next stop Siglufjörður (the town)

Scott approaching the top of a hill

the Sauðanes household and lighthouse on the north coast

a boat!

a closer look at the lighthouse


the group, ready to finish the ride

this is a very small troll

looking across the end of Siglufjöorður (the fjord)

one tunnel later, the view across the fjord again

road down the fjord into town

view back up the fjord

A map! And, yes, it's accurate that you go north to reach Reykjavik. That's roads for you

a mountain with two colors of ice

reference unit church of Siglufjöorður

anti-landslide posts on a mountain

view of the harbor from our hotel window: not a great photo, but it was a great view

view across the harbor

for once i photographed this building because of the tree art, not the metal roof

a brennavin sour!

butter served on a (non-edible) rock

seafood soup at dinner

lamb at dinner

creme brulee at dinner

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