Iceland - Day 7: Akureyri to Húsavík (by bike)

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Goðafoss to Húsavík (49.8km): Today's ride would have been over 100km, much of it into a headwind, so we all opted to get a van ride to Goðafoss, an impressive waterfall a few km off our route (supposedly it's named that because when Iceland converted to Christianity, people threw pagan idols into the waterfall. This story turns out to be a 19th-century fabrication, but never mind. We believed it while we were there, and this photo album is a record of our trip). After walking around the waterfall, six of us biked to Húsavík, which was downwind all the way after a brief (and slightly scary) crosswind interlude. We arrived in time for a late lunch, at which i ate a lamb burger and we touched the Arctic Ocean. In the afternoon, Bill had arranged for us to swim in the thermal baths at Geosea, which were the best baths of the trip in terms of proximity to the ocean and neat visual effect.

view from our hotel room in Akureyri

wooden lawn chair or possibly sleigh, seen from hotel room window

the van was a little dusty this morning

view of airport as we leave Akuyreyri by van

looking back at Akureyri from across the fjord

about to enter another tunnel

river crossing

dirt road up a hill

spot the tree line


passing Ljósavatn

arriving at Fossholl

first view of the falls

Sarah and Dana at the falls

mud and plants at the falls

trail by the edge of the water

valley and mountains

water above the falls

view across the falls

the river and valley

across the river to the falls

hillside and river

fuzzy plants by the side of the river

Gina tests the water

splashing water at the top of the falls

rocks and water in front of the falls

it's fairly windy

Bill at the falls

full view of the falls

that's some water

go, falls, go

the river is also very exciteable

rocks at the river edge

mossy rocks (probably post-volcanic)

more falls

pedestrian bridge over the falls

car bridge

Scott on the pedestrian bridge

stairs down to the falls, for your convenience when carrying the artifacts of the gods

the lower falls

the lower falls are below the upper falls

as demonstrated by this map

dwarf shrubs, lichen, and moss, as described

rocks and cliffs

rocks worn away by the water

black sand at the water edge

the view downriver

some pretty cool rock formations

Scott lining up a photo

the falls from the black sand beach

nice roof, though

water going over the falls downriver

view downriver past the pedestrian bridge

one more shot of the falls? don't mind if i do

the gift shop was entered. Icelandic snack food was purchased

David plus one of our van drivers

Joe and Gina get underway, minding the cross-breeze

Bill, not underway and happy to avoid the cross-breeze

Scott and Joe have survived the cross-breeze and are about to head downwind


many sheep!

continuing sheep!

this waterfall is much smaller

plants and fields

tall grasses and small pond

the most hay bales


tidy trees on the mountainside

volcanic-looking rocks in the grass

field and mountain edge

the group, riding

a small pond

20 kilometers from Húsavík

19 kilometers now, but feel free to keep believing the cool stone sign

a larger pond

more miscellaneous volcanic rock

riders underway past scrubby trees

a cliff comes into view as we approach the north coast

rider, approaching

riders, going away

that's the Arctic Ocean back there, also some ponds

the view southwest

looking across the base of the fjord

more arctic ocean fjord view

first view of Húsavík

a number of distinct colors

approaching Húsavík (also, there's a yellow tower near the left - hold that thought)

the mountains inland

grass, water, fog

downtown Húsavík, complete with bike path

view outside our hotel in Húsavík

the previous photo was taken from this elevator

hotel lobby, also seen from elevator

Húsavík harbor

nice roof, though

while waiting for lunch, we ran down to touch the Arctic Ocean

photographic evidence of fry theft

back street view of restaurant Gamli Baukur, where we had lunch

Foss Hotel, where we stayed, in front of a large hill

reference unit church

The year 202-microsoft-logo, as seen on this hillside

a rock family in a front yard in Húsavík

sidewalk up a hill in Húsavík

sunlight reflected in the water

arriving at Geosea thermal baths

horses on a hilltop

view back to Húsavík

we saw this oceanside yellow tower next to Geosea while biking into town

entrance to Geosea

mud and turf walls outside Geosea

Dana and Gina look at the Arctic Ocean

you look at the Arctic Ocean

the deeper water is a different color

the group looks at the ocean, above the baths

a rock-lined stream next to the baths

sun on the ocean through clouds

the baths are right at the edge of the ocean, so you get this infinity-pool effect

stripes of water and sky color, seen under the baths

hillside near the baths

Gina is on a mission

she wants to pet an Icelandic horse

will it work?


the horse peaces out, Gina gives up... for now

the coastline

flowers in Húsavík

decorative sign for the Húsavík Whale Museum (closed, sadly)

red beer in a decorative glass, at dinner

dinner at Salka, an intimidatingly large pizza with bacon and dates

clouds and trees over Húsavík at night

view from our hotel room

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