Iceland - Day 8: Húsavík to Mývatn (by bike)

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Húsavík to Mývatn (54.4km): We expected bad headwinds again, but in fact we had a nice ride through some rolling hills and a post-volcanic cratery landscape. We had lunch on top of a big windy plateau, then rode down to Lake Mývatn. After a quiet afternoon at our hotel, we had dinner at Gamli!, the hotel restaurant, then took our covid tests in preparation for being allowed onto the return flight in three days.

sunrise clouds in Húsavík

sunrise clouds over the water in Húsavík

more sunrise clouds in Húsavík

i am honestly not sure whether this is decorative rocks in the hotel, or the cup of coffee i needed after taking all those sunrise photos

underway! last view back towards Húsavík

mountains and clouds across the water

bottom of the fjord

goodbye, Arctic Ocean

Gina, underway

Gina and Bill, circling

our route today takes us down 87 to Mývatn

my bike

the view north

road and colorful fields


so, i had stopped to take a photo of the mountains behind these horses

and then Gina was like, here's my chance

will this smuggled apple enable Gina to pet a horse?

the horses are definitely interested

this looks promising


it's not clear that the horse will actually eat this apple

but hopefully it is enjoying having its head scratched

David pets a horse

Scott is investigated by a horse

Scott pets the horse

Gina thanks the horse for all these photos

Scott pets another horse

a stream with a fork

a water feature by the roadside

Tom, David, and Gina, conferring

clouds reflected in the water

river and mountainside

the road

soil, valley, lake

volcanic landscape

my bike, visiting a rock

sign next to the rock

David approaching our lunch stop

mountain, ice, cloud

valley and cliffs, seen from our lunch stop

valley and mountains, seen from our lunch stop

Gina, sitting on a giant spool to eat lunch

Scott standing next to a giant spool

landscape with close and far mountains

volcanic landscape

our guidebook claims Apollo astronauts trained for moon landings here

grasslands and bonus distant pointy mountain

post-volcanic landscape

more craters

power lines and mountains

riders underway

more landscape

riders approaching Lake Mývatn

crater behind Lake Mývatn

road in front of Lake Mývatn

statue in front of our hotel, not unsettling at all

old well behind our hotel

reference unit church

Icelandic coins i bought at the thrift shop

Icelandic coins, with bonus fish and dolphins

Icelandic meat soup, at dinner

Arctic char, at dinner


well, that's a relief

more sunset

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