Iceland - Day 9: Mývatn loop (by bike)

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Mývatn loop (36.4km): the last day of riding was an easy and visually fascinating loop around the lake. After lunch, several of us took a sightseeing flight around the area, including the lake from above, the local geothermal plant, and a nearby lava field from some more-recent volcanic activity. We'd made reservations for dinner at Vogafjós Farm Resort, a restaurant and farm down the lake from our hotel.

early view from our hotel room in Mývatn

slightly later morning: we are being monitored by sheep

by the time we get up for the day, the sheep have gotten bored and are snuggling

interior of hotel room in Mývatn

the lake in the morning

today we're going to ride around the lake

looking southwest across the lake towards two mountains

Gina, ready to go

the rest of the group, looking at a map

green post-volcanic landscape

we learned that this level of grass and craggy volcanic rock forms about 1000 years after a volcanic eruption

a curve in the road

more lake

Tom and David, approaching

black sand at the edge of the water

view across the lake from the shore

edge of the lake

hill at the edge of the lake

the group, ready to ride if i would only stop taking pictures of the lake

field and hill

crossing the river Laxá í Aðadlal on our ride around Lake Mývatn

the view downriver

for once i got ahead of the group, and could photograph riders arriving

riders arriving!

Bill crossing the river

Tom and our van driver Will crossing the river

Scott crossing the river

David crossing the river

a fairy apartment complex

we think this road signs were not kilometers, but house numbers

we got amazing views of the pseudocraters around Lake Mývatn

big pseudocrater

landscape with small water feature

edge of Lake Mývatn

cairns at a curve in the road

straight road back to the hotel

furniture made of suitcases in our hotel lobby

after lunch, several of us had a small plane tour scheduled, so we walked to the airport

post-volcanic landscape

Scott leaping over some landscape features

preparing for our arduous 1 km walk

there's a hole there

more landscape

rental cabins right in the post-volcanic landscape

the airport

our plane

taxiing to the gate


the view from my seat

Gina inside the plane

Lake Mývatn, from the runway

rolling hills, farms, and clouds, from the air

our hotel, and the edge of Lake Mývatn, from the air

eastern edge of Lake Mývatn

the big pseudocrater east of the lake

the small mountain west of the lake

post-volcanic landscape

islands in the northern part of Lake Mývatn

more Lake Mývatn coastline


river and green fields

the view north

post-volcanic lake edge

green pseudocraters

pseudocrater close-up

more pseudocrater lake edge

heading north from the lake, past the hotel and the runway

geothermal plant and mountains

view down the valley to more plant

mountaintop above the plant

road back to the lake

post-volcanic fields and mountains

edge of a lava field

ridge, utility line, road

transformation of energy is occurring

lava field

lava failing to climb a mountain

lava edge and bonus pseudocrater

red earth surrounded by lava

lava and ridges

several different colors of earth

and here's red again

pseudocrater lake, back at the power plant

the business part of the power plant

overview of power plant plus some mountains

view down the valley

river in post-volcanic landscape

back to Lake Mývatn

sky and land

fields and transmission lines, just before we land

leaving the airport

we stop to take a look at the cratery landscape

many little ferns growing in the crater

Icelandic blueberries

Gina sitting in a volcanic crater

Bill sitting in a volcanic crater

more crater and crater edge

we avoid falling into a chasm

the road avoids being swallowed by a vertical landscape of rock

our plane, carrying the next tour group

more cratery landscape

little pink flowers

back at the hotel, we found a perfect room for board games

Gina, interrupted from a book

photo of young women with musical instruments


we arrive at Vogafjós, and are greeted by cows

hay bales, labelled by flavor

Tom sitting next to the window at Vogafjós

glass plate with cow design, at Vogafjós

my beverage

someone else's very dramatic beverage

lamb appetizer

appetizer plate

this lamb filet was excellent

cake, with chocolate and caramel and maybe pecans

the group, at dinner

on the way out, we got to see the cows briefly

spotted cow

calf looking at the camera

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