Iceland - Day 10: Mývatn to Reykjavik (by van)

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This drive was day 3 in reverse, but longer, since we'd spent the week biking further away from Reykjavik. We drove from Mývatn back to Reykjavik, and the scenery continued to be great, but it was a long day. Back in Reykjavik, Gina and i swung by Art Gallery 101 so i could shop for a souvenir. Then we met up with the rest of the group for dinner, and some miscellaneous clothes shopping. We went back to Cafe Loki for rye bread ice cream and brennavin, then board games back at the hotel.

view from our window in the early morning

time to wake up; here are some sheep

sheep, grazing

the sheep have wandered off; time for breakfast

hotel room in Mývatn

art in the hotel lobby

the statue in front of our hotel, in front of the landscape

David, in the van

everyone, in the van

guide to Icelandic place name words

leaving Lake Mývatn

water, fields, mountain, clouds

landscape and buildings

a lake in a field

driving by Goðafoss

back to the purple and green troll mountains

bend in a river

buildings, river, bridge

approaching Akureyri

view south from the bridge into Akureyri

dropping Joe off at the airport in Akureyri

giant church in Akureyri

mountains and glaciers visible in Akureyri

horses by the fjord

valley, mountains, clouds

a house in a foggy valley

river in a yellow valley

craggy mountain peaks

waterfalls and fog on purple mountains

driving into the fog

a bit of a canyon at the edge of some mountains

crossing the canyon

stopping for snacks; we did not buy any hardfiskur, but it's good that it exists

river down a valley

a sheep-sorter, for use when the sheep come down from the mountains at the end of the season

low clouds over mountains

mountains and clouds

a rainbow

this cloud looks like the space around a bird

more clouds

rainbow over a field

bottom of a waterfall

fields and mountains

back in Reykjavik, we stopped by a bookstore

speculative fiction translated into Icelandic

Gleðigata pride sign

art at Mama vegan restaurant, where we had dinner

fizzy lemonade

tile art

a nice roof, seen across the rainbow street

more metal roofs, seen from the roof deck at the restaurant

West African peanut stew

rhubarb art

graffiti about covid

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