Iceland - Day 11: Reykjavik to Boston (on foot and by airplane)

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Last day in Iceland. We had a low-key morning wandering around Reykjavik, then went with David and Tom to Hlemmur Mathöll for lunch, where we got bahn mi.

David and Bill

Dana and Sarah

blue metal walls

roof deck of our hotel

view north towards the water

rainbow chocolate

horse art

bird art

Hlemmur Mathöll, a food hall

many bicycles disguised as a car

Tom and David at lunch

'love wins always', and other graffiti

view up an alley to the water

street corner in Reykjavik

i didn't get a photo of a license plate with a þ, but here'sone with an ö

bookstore window

wall art

wall art

leaving Reykjavik

the coast along the drive to the airport

post-volcanic landscape along the drive to the airport

so this cloud happened

we were not attacked by the cloud, but we kept an eye out

one last mountain

rainbow art at the airport

wall of comics at the airport

rainbow ceiling at the airport

Iceland from the air

last view of coast and clouds

clouds... and away

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