Bicycle touring in western Ireland

In June 2012, Samira and i went bicycle touring in western Ireland, cycling from Galway to Westport up along the coast. I took many, many photos using my cell phone camera. Here are some of them.

Day 1: Dublin to Galway (by train)

Day 2: Galway to Oughterard (by bus)

Day 3: Oughterard to Inishmore (by bike and ferry)

Day 4: Inishmore to Clifden (by ferry and bike)

Day 5: Clifden (bike loop)

Day 6: Clifden to Leenane (by bike)

Day 7: Leenane to Westport (by bike)

Day 8: Westport (bike loop)

Day 9: Westport to Dublin (by train)

Day 10: Dublin

Day 11: Flight home

Composite map of all cycling on Ireland mainland