Ireland - Day 7: Leenane to Westport (by bike)

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Route: This was our last real day of riding, and it should have been smooth sailing except that it was so windy. (Yes, too windy for sailing. Take that, metaphor.) We rode around the end of Killary Harbor where Leenane sits, past the Doo Lough and numerous famine memorials, all directly into what seemed like a ridiculous headwind. The second part of the ride took us along another inlet, this time the one in which Westport sits, and past Croagh Patrick. We also encountered our first bike lane of the trip, on the road into Westport. In the evening, we had excellent oysters and chowder for dinner, then went to the recommended Matt Molloy's, where we listened to a nice jam session with a guitar, a fiddle (who sometimes played the concertina), two flutes, and occasional harmonica.

We started the day with a failed attempt to cruise
Killary Harbor, Ireland's only fjord. Sadly, we were
the only turnout for the 10:00 boat tour, so it was
cancelled, after which we rode back to Leenane.

Killary Harbor east of Leenane

Nifty light patterns on mountains east of Leenane

More light patterns on mountains east of Leenane

River below Aasleagh Falls

Aasleagh Falls

Stone fences on the side of a mountain

7.5km of riding, and we can still see our hotel!

More Killary Harbor

Some sort of traps in the water. (Samira learned
what kind but i've forgotten. Maybe mussels?)

Much of our early ride was near this pretty river

River and mountains from a bridge

Valley and mountains

Doo Lough, looking ominous

Mountains near Doo Lough

Celebratory look back, having finally passed
Doo Lough

Long grass blowing in the wind

We did, in fact. It was a very good museum, with
a combination of well-designed text displays and
local student and more professional art projects.
Grace O'Malley (Granuaile) is a local hero,
unsurprisingly. There is serious femslash potential
in her meeting with Elizabeth I — check
Wikipedia if you doubt me.

Entering Louisburgh, home of us eating lunch.

First view of the inlet which will lead to Westport

Mountains across the water

Croagh Patrick

Murrisk Abbey

Looking into Murrisk Abbey

Window in Murrisk Abbey

Murrisk Abbey courtyard

IHNJ, IJLS "Emo, the gas station"

Entering Westport

Waves in Westport Harbor

The Octagon! End of our official route instructions

Our B&B in Westport had a peat-burning fireplace

Bucket of peat

Me, near bicycle-themed public art in Westport

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