Ireland - Day 6: Clifden to Leenane (by bike)

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Route: This was the longest day of riding i did, and possibly also the most visually impressive. It was also the rainiest day of riding, especially when we started out. We stopped at the recommended Ballynahinch Castle Hotel, but, after a long ride up the driveway, were unimpressed by the lack of available food to go with our coffee. At the easternmost point of the lower S-curve, we reached the amazing Lough Inagh Lodge, which served us toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, phoned a cab for Samira (who had had enough of the rain), and let me order scones, clotted cream, and tin foil, so that i could pack dessert for the road. I then rode past Kylemore Abbey (stopping in the parking lot, but not bothering to pay admission), rode through the green and beautiful Connemara National Park, and climbed up to some amazing mountain lakes before coasting downhill to Leenane. We had dinner in the Leenane Hotel, then whiskey and cribbage in the bar.

One of the Bens, in fog

Samira taking a picture in the rain

A waterfall

The Bens, across Lough Inagh, in even foggier fog

Looking north along the lake

Hallway of Lough Inagh Lodge, our heroes

Attempted panorama just outside Lough Inagh Lodge. Ignore the visual discontinuity and focus on the pretty mountains.

One of the Bens in the fog

Mountain waterfall

A river in the rain

Kylemore Abbey from the road

Lake, mountain, and cars near Kylemore Abbey

Fog-topped mountain

Approaching Kylemore Abbey

Fuzzy green mountainside

Tourist map of Kylemore Abbey

Greenery and river in Connemara National Park

Connemara National Park

Looking across a valley

The road behind

Connemara National Park

Road through Connemara National Park

Road and mountains

Plants in Connemara National Park

Greenery and mountains

Thatched roofs marked my right turn in Tully Cross

Hey, look, it's the ocean again

Cemetary east of Tully Cross

Ruined cottage and coast view

Sheep by the coastline

More sheep

Coastline east of Tully Cross

Houses and greenery along the road

A little waterfall

Looking down a steep slope towards the water

Steep coastline and mountains

The water is still clear

Arrival at the first mountain lake

I ate my scones by this lake

Another mountain lake view

Peat field

My bicycle, with bonus giant thumb

Mountain view in the highlands

Mountain lake

Mountain view

A sheep by the roadside, photographed before the
descent into Leenane

Entering Leenane.

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