Ireland - Day 10: Dublin (on foot and by bus)

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Route: Samira had an aggressive tourist agenda for our only full day in Dublin (not complaining — it was very cool). We had breakfast in the Buttery, then took the bus to Kilmainham Jail. After touring the jail, we wandered through the (closed) Royal Hospital Museum, and went to Christ Church. We had lunch at the Chester Beatty Library, where i had a nice lamb and eggplant dish, and then looked at the collection, a huge number of fairly miscellaneous manuscripts collected by this guy. We then went to St. Patrick's, toured a building which had previously been a Jamison's distillery and was now a dedicated tourist attraction, shopped for hats and chocolate, and had dinner at a neat place called the Green Hen, where i had a dish consisting of three kinds of lamb, and an amaretto sour. We then went to a pub, where Samira's friend Alison's friends had colonized the upstairs room since time immemorial for a bridge group. I acquitted myself tolerably — they were using a convention called ACOL, which i had never played and knew nothing about, but it was a friendly group.

Keys at Kilmainham Jail

Ceiling of a corridor at Kilmainham Jail

Panopticonic atrium at Kilmainham Jail

Spiral stairs down at Kilmainham Jail

Courtyard at Kilmainham Jail

After Irish independence, the jail was closed,
for perhaps obvious reasons.

Snakes over the door at Kilmainham Jail

Pedestrians and bicyclists should both stop.

At the Royal Hospital

Door decoration at Christ Church

Stonework at Christ Church

One way to make sure everyone knows the music —
transcribe it onto the wall.

This is familiar to me in my Reform Jewish upbringing...

Christ Church

Iron work at Christ Church

Outside the Chester Beatty Library

Park in front of St. Patrick's

Ceiling at St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's

Stained glass at St. Patrick's

Wall at St. Patrick's

Floor tile at St. Patrick's

Floor tile at St. Patrick's

Floor tile at St. Patrick's

Looking through a clear floor at the
Old Jamison's Distillery

The Jamison's tour

Samira and other blurry people participate
in a whiskey tasting

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