Danube Adventure - Vienna to Budapest

In April 2019, ten of us biked down the Danube River from Vienna to Budapest. We saw three countries and quite a bit of water (both in the river and falling from the sky), biked a total of around 360km, and had a great time.

Day 1: Boston to Vienna (by airplane and on foot)

Day 2: around Vienna (on foot and by subway)

Day 3: Vienna to Hainburg (by bike, 59km)

Day 4: Hainburg to Mosonmagyárovár (by bike, 59km)

Day 5: Mosonmagyárovár to Győr (by bike, 46.5km)

Day 6: Győr to Tata (by bike, 71km)

Day 7: Tata to Esztergom (by bike, 45.8km)

Day 8: Esztergom to Budapest (by bike, 84km)

Day 9: around Budapest (on foot and by metro)

Day 10: Budapest to Boston (on foot and by airplane)

Composite map of all cycling