Danube - Day 6: Győr to Tata (by bike, 71km)

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BDan, Joe, and i went back to walk around the Győr synagogue building, now an art museum and music rehearsal space. We then got on the road, and, after a significant ride, caught up with the rest of the group for a late lunch near Fort Monostor in Komárom, then finished the day's ride to Tata. Scott and i walked around Lake Tata before a comedy of errors trying to meet the rest of the group for dinner. (On the off chance you should ever need this information: there is more than one restaurant named Pikant in Tata.) After dinner, we went back to drink and play card games in the cellar bar of our hotel.


decorative map of Hungary encountered at breakfast

decorative room key to our hotel in Győr

art in the hotel

closed-off library room in the hotel

books in the library

a decorative post in the library

the hotel courtyard

look, our bikes!

the main group of riders is underway

sundial! (but i definitely did not take this photo at 8:30)

view down the well in the courtyard

final courtyard shot, everyone likes a tower

BDan, Joe, and i went back to the synagogue

plaque for Emil Roth, the pre-war rabbi of this synagogue

inscription on memorial for Győri Jewish children

plaque about the renovation of the synaogue, which was turned into a museum

history of this synagogue 1/3

history of this synagogue 2/3

history of this synagogue 3/3 (blurry)

ceiling decoration and lamps

decorative woodwork

floor decoration

door decoration

some early history of Győr itself

stuff about the artists on display here

on the bimah of the historical synagogue, i think

work by Lili Orszag

"és neje" is Hungarian for "and his wife"

another work by Lili Orszag

ceiling decoration

inside of the dome

interior of three-story atrium

memorial banner for Gyãri Jews killed in the Holocaust

decorated step




view into a room that's not part of the museum and is now used for instrument storage; i'm assuming this was an ark

the atrium again

top of the arch

ten commandments

more Lili Orszag art

more Lili Orszag art

more stained glass

Joe on a balcony

BDan, dramatically lit, with camera

several types of wall and ceiling tiles

BDan, deploying the camera

light through a wood window cutout

stained glass window

art gallery under the window

close-up of stained glass window

more ceiling decoration

painting by Anna Margit

window in the middle of the dome, covered by a tarp

the hall is currently used for rehearsals and concerts

on the road, some red-stemmed plants

Joe, on the road

road with bicycle and slightly mysterious pile of twigs

BDan, obeying the speed limit

highway overpass

Joe watching, BDan underway

the road is made of gravel

unit-sized reference church


flat fields, but the river is in the distance

flat fields, but windmills are in the distance

the road, plus bonus steeple of reference unit church

a building

area map of Ács

alas, a rail crossing

the road ahead

next to a green field

a decorative bench (i don't recognize the phrase "salmon ladder" on that sign, but don't trust my Hungarian)

next stop, Budapest!

tall grass by the road

exterior of Fort Monostor

we met the rest of the group for lunch at Fort Monostor in Komárom

pheasant soup; too dry, but otherwise tasty

ridiculous sink

slightly less ridiculous wall decor

inscription at the fort

wall of names at the fort

view of the fort

a tank

water, through a chain-link fence

Lisa, riding past a big-wheel tricycle

trike and water

facade of fort

a bridge is visible in the distance downriver

the water is clear


Hungarian sailors' memorial

one more shot of that bridge, then let's get moving

the sweep, on the road behind

the group, on the road ahead

fields and sky

riders 1

riders 2

riders 3

riders 4

riders 5

a field

Lisa, underway

a town in the foothills

a bend in the road

first buildings of Tata

a church in Tata

hanging out in the lake being a statue

kayakers on Lake Tata

view from our hotel room

what's this?

some people's hotel rooms have a skylight

no caption, just some people with a skylight

a between-buildings space near our hotel

back to Lake Tata before dinner

down the lake

a large spiky tree

walking path by the lake

boat parking

nice roof

sun on the lake

Scott by the lake


across the lake


down the lake


a small pond, possibly involving a grotto or cave or something

the best of several terrible attempts to photograph this bird

the beginning of actual sunset on the lake


more dinner

i think these were pickled tomatoes?

Zwack Unicum glasses!

view across the lake in the dark

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