Danube - Day 7: Tata to Esztergom (by bike, 45.8km)

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This was the only day of the trip that had any significant climbing, so i predictably took a zillion pictures of the view from hills. In the morning, we climbed from Tata to a Danube viewpoint, where we got a wine tasting and snack/lunch. Then we rode back down into Esztergom, a town with a very vertical center and an iconic basilica. Scott, Joe, and i took off right away to climb the basilica, then wandered around town, touring a disappointing museum (it had a few rooms of artifacts, but no labelling or other information). We walked across the bridge to Slovakia, then came back for dinner. The restaurant that had been recommended to us was booked for high school graduation, so we found another place near the hotel.

a ceiling in/near our hotel in Tata

a clock tower in Tata

plaque by the clock tower


a very green morning

the bike path next to the road

a round tree

the group approaching

more green

looking back at Tata (i think)

Bill, approaching

Bill, underway

Lisa and Tim, approaching

Lisa and Tim, underway

riders on the road ahead

for once, this bumpy dirt path is not our route

we've reached the climbing portion of this ride

another road which is not ours

looking downhill

obligatory bike photo

sign by the road

a house

more horses

high enough to get a view downhill

houses and fields on the hillside

a wall by the roadside

door in the wall

so we stopped here

and of course i wanted to climb on the wall to get a better view

the road, from above

the group, from above

Tim, Lisa, and Scott, from above

...time to get back to the path

vineyard and hillside

Tim, about to be underway

lots of vineyard

green hillside

the group appreciating the view

the road behind

Hungarian for 'just so we're clear, this is a vineyard'

distinctive mountaintop

hill behind vineyard

you can see the Danube from here

a nearly-invisible cameraperson behind a window

don't panic; it's David. He says hi

bends in the Danube

houses in the valley

entrance to restaurant

vineyards and river

more bends in the Danube

one more view before we go eat

good to know

the aforementioned view

the wines were good; i don't have a detailed review at this time

also there was cheese

also a big glass cylinder full of corks

you knew there'd be one last view of the Danube

heck, maybe two

exterior of the restaurant, where we left our bikes

time to head downhill

more vineyards

sightseeing at a curve in the road

Scott on bike

that mountaintop again

a building protected by trees

very pointy trees

water through trees

Scott, approaching

back to the Danube

ferry terminal across the Danube

stairs go up

World War I statue

next stop, Budapest!

across the train tracks

the path ahead

hillside across the tracks

path ahead with trees

roadside sculpture

Tim, Lisa, and a thatched roof

fields and mountain across the road

Tim and Lisa on the road ahead

town across the highway

the domes of Esztergom

riders approaching

sometimes it's easier to go around

getting close to Esztergom

wooden boat on a canal

purple trees near our hotel in Esztergom

round building near our hotel

flowering trees

statue near the basilica

ruined walls near the basilica

hey, look, the dome

approaching the basilica

not a bad view

this wall wasn't built in a day

more domes

inscription on a bell

a lot of bells

arch to Esztergom Castle

semicircular window

getting closer to the dome

scale model of the castle

this sign doesn't provide a lot of context, but it's in English

an enormous iron door

carving above a door

bridge across the Danube to Slovakia

a church between the basilica and the Danube

east along the Danube

(construction tube not original)

dome two

a park with trees and dandelions and stuff

a line of roofs

some serious columns

part of a clock tower face

religious art

some kind of art

stonework inside the dome

dome arch interior

dome interior, complete with dome net

art whose nature is unclear to me

hey, it's King Saint Stephen again

chapel floor


chapel ceiling decoration

beginning of our journey up the dome

danube view from the dome climb

across the river to Stúruvo, Slovakia

a head

inland view from the dome climb

getting closer

another inland view

some outdoor stairs

our familiar Danube view from higher up

buildings across the river

another inland view

that's a nice roof, though

dome columns up close

dome two

sculpture visible from the dome

view past dome two

looking down at an arch

the stairwell down

at the top of the dome

the view east

the view inland

at this point, we started to realise there was some event involving a lot of people

the walkway around the dome

fields in Slovakia

the buildings look like ants from here

the buildings between here and the bridge

haze and mountains

inland mountains

one last shot of the bridge from up here

more Eszgerdom from above

statue from above

castle courtyard from above

the Hungarian shore of the Danube

more Esztergom from above

what is up with this huge crowd of people, though?

turns out it was a graduation

mountainside across the river

yellow fields in the distance

Lisa, Tim, and BDan, on their way up to the basilica

Scott, on the stairs

a ledge to a window, accessible from the stairs

Scott, checking it out

back to the stairwell

looking at the courtyard and park as we descend

more stairwell

closeup of statue

another view of statue

Scott is tall

we leave the basilica via a path down the hillside

worth noting: we were not actually confident when we went down this path that it was going to let out anywhere useful

looking back up

looking back up

Scott, on the hillside

probably this is the right way?

Scott checks it out

wall graffiti

uh oh


looking back up at the old castle

how about this path?

Scott and Joe check it out


a bit of a view

we find a tunnel

wall with ivy

Scott in a tunnel

view back up towards the basilica

statue on top of a library

no parking, yes art

building in Esztergom

tiles at the Balassa Bálint Museum

religious art

wooden molds

things made using wooden molds

spearheads and other objects (there was zero labelling in this museum)

interior of a chest


statues and other stone objects

plaque about Balassa Bálint

channel feeding into the Danube

walking across the bridge to Slovakia

column inscription about the EU

plaque about the bridge

view east

the bridge's point over the water

look, the basilica again

that sculpture on its hillside

the bridge itself

entering Slovakia

a dock

view along the river

learning more about the path we took down from the basilica earlier

that mountain in Slovakia with the cool moss pattern

probably a fire station

more about the bridge

entering Stúruvo

the bridge, from the Slovakian bank

this is a pretty good roof too

a path on the Slovakian side of the Danube

heading back

along the bridge

the river

entering Hungary again

the mountain behind the bridge

BDan on the bridge

more river and dock

a soccer game

building seen heading back from the bridge

building whose roof is half blue and half pigeon

a canal

the Harry Potter room

the event we saw from the dome turns out to have been graduation

street in Esztergom

a former synagogue building, now a cultural center

inscription on the cultural center

street sign and wall

dinner at Csülök Csárda

beer, some assembly required

paprika hot sauce

soup with toasts

a plate of meat

lamb, i think

duck, i think

good night, basilica

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