Danube - Day 8: Esztergom to Budapest (by bike, 84km)

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Last day of riding, and best day of dramatic Danube views. We took a total of three ferries, and biked, largely in the rain, around two dramatic natural features of the river: Danube Bend, where the river makes a 180 degree reversal forming a small peninsula, and the 90 degree east-to-south turn which is a notable feature on Hungarian maps. We stopped at a cafe near Danube Bend for a late morning snack, then had a late lunch near a street fair in Szententre. Finally, our ride took us down Margaret Island, a cool island and park in Budapest. We ended the day checking into Hotel Parlament, and going out for a late dinner at Strudel House.

breakfast pastry: i was hoping for a raisin type situation, but this was chocolate

preparing to leave Esztergom: sculpture by the bridge

Scott, ready to roll out

the start of our path out of town

rolling by the Danube

the Danube

a short crossing, but we probably need the ferry

we all made it

ferry, approaching

on the ferry

on the ferry

leaving the south side of the Danube for now

approaching Szob (still in Hungary, but in Pest County)

the river

the river bank

mountains behind the river


we spent a little while being amused by this directional sign

all roads lead to Rome

Mount Everest; Marianas Trench

a galaxy far far away

Black Sea; mutant bicycle meeting here in August

I googled and i still don't know; i think this might be the name of a fantasy book or series

You are here

the ferry, ready to leave again

yeah, definitely don't do that

our path through this park

the river

more plants and river

the road ahead

we're riding on a divided path next to this highway

nice roof, though

river and mountains beyond the building

riders underway

still underway

snail underway

town in the foothills

view downriver

across the river

train station

mist in the mountains across the river

the road ahead

ruins of High Castle at Visegrád, across the river

on top of a mountain, in case that was unclear

river view

river view

across the river

fence by the road


view across the river from our lunch stop

we can still see the high castle from here

now also the low castle

closeup of church in Visegrád

advertisement for lángos

the view east

leaving Visegrád

plants off the side of a walking bridge

view across a field

mind the post

cyclists walking over a bridge

town in the foothills

the path ahead

the river, through a park

the road ahead

do not enter

our largest ferry trip of the day, at Vác

Scott takes a ferry selfie

riders on the ferry

a number of cars, on the ferry

looking across the river

buildings, from the ferry

we meet up with the van in front of this building

i just take photos, i don't caption them

view across a field

a fire

house in front of the mountains

more water through trees

a sign

all the ferries used tires as bumpers to keep the cab from running into the ferry

on the last ferry of the day

approaching the far side

the Szentendrei-Dunaág river, from the ferry

street fair in Szentendre

food stands at Szentendre street fair

Turkish coffee!

the wall of our lunch stop was decorated with small bills

lunch at a Serbian restaurant

we were intrigued by the cylindrical cakes at this food stand

we decided to try one

river view from Szentendre

this is the Szentendrei-Dunaág, not the Danube itself


nice roof, though, right?

advertisement for this festival

cyclepath by the river in Szentendre

another river view

obligatory bike shot

bend in the river

this way to Budapest

riders underway

warning: uneven road surface

path through a wooded area

tree roots

building with a very round tower

more river

riding around a canal

some sort of dam apparatus

riders on a bridge

u-turn across this bridge

next we encountered this situation

road: some assembly required

bridge across the Szentendrei-Dunaág

the river looked great

but watch out for rebar

riders proceeding with caution

riders ready to get underway

pier is more usable at low tide

bridge across the Danube

view north along the Danube

sign on a restaurant

graffiti as we enter the Budapest area

building with clock and smokestack

more graffiti

statues with umbrellas

walking our bikes through a pedestrian zone

some sort of music event is happening

side of a building

sign about Holy Roman Emperor, Sigismund of Bohemia, i think

about to start the Danube crossing on Arpád Híd

looking back at the Danube from the bike bridge

this non-ominous tunnel will take us to Margaret Island

path on Margaret Island

tower, possibly attached to a theatre

ruined Francescan church on Margaret Island

plaque about the ruined church

wall of the ruined church

central bike road on Margaret Island

we discovered this delightful fountain music show on the southern end of Margaret Island

more fountain

more fountain

more fountain

end of the show

2019 fountain program: we were there for Tavasz, aka Spring from the Four Seasons

sculpture at the south end of Margaret Island

bridge from Margaret Island to Budapest

west side of the river

first view of Orszagház, the Hungarian parliament building

i was not quick enough to get a photo of the Jedi cosplayers who passed us on the bridge, celebrating May 4th

leaving the bridge and heading to Budapest

looking back at the bridge

stone buildings visible from our hotel room

blurry people on chairs in the hotel lobby

mirror wall in the hotel lobby

saying goodbye to our van driver Radic

street of Budapest in the rain

building decoration in Budapest

spice drawer at Strudel House


photo of Greta Garbo in the bathroom at Strudel House

more bathroom photos


the strudel counter

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