Danube - Day 9: around Budapest (on foot and by metro)

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Full day of tourism around Budapest: we toured the Jewish Museum at the Dóhany Street Synagogue, then swung by the Donut Library on our way to the Hungarian National Museum. My photos don't do the Hungarian Museum justice; it crammed 1000 years of Hungarian history into 19 rooms. Afterwards, we took the metro to the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, and then came back to get drinks and dinner at Bestia, a brewpub near the hotel.

Hotel Parlament atrium


breakfast table plant

nice roof, no?

Budapest street corner

i think this isn't Baba Yaga's house, but that leaves open the question of what it is

column people holding up a stone balcony

an elaborate door

Szent Istvan basilica

buda fckn pest

Gal Gadot thinks you need a new phone

Budapest intersection in the rain

ferris wheel

statue of Empress Elisabeth of Austria

approaching the Dóhany Street Synagogue

window decorations

arches on synagogue building

column foot on synagogue building

window closeup

synagogue door

Theodor Herzl square

synagogue interior

floor decoration

interior window

floor decoration

interior stained glass

seat endcap

interior stained glass

ceiling decorations

interior window

decorated stairwell


dome interior

interior decoration

caution: step

interior doors

decorative arch

memorial candles

Passover food warning in several languages


Theodor Herzl again

18th century prayerbook


Hungarian Jewish calendar


alphabet embroidery

menorah with animals

torah roller covers

spice boxes

seder plate

some facts about 18th century Budapest Judaism

the aforementioned curtain

i don't know my Purim artifacts, but the last word on the box is 'lulav', so perhaps this is one

torah scroll covers

decorative shells

a variety of oil menorahs

a variety of dreidels

menorah shaped like a peacock hovering over a bunch of critters

menorah decorated with a phoenix

stained glass


torah pointer, plus some information about how some of the artifacts in this museum survived the Holocaust

Riptinec was a forced labor camp

courtyard side of stained glass windows

information about 3rd century tombstone

third century tombstone

18th century Polish menorah

not sure if this is a wall hanging or a torah cover, embroidery anyway

18th century torah plate

woodcut from Gyöngyös (a town east of Budapest)

description of plaster mold for statue of Hungaria

aforementioned plaster mold

description of goblet

aforementioned goblet

description of 17th century seder plate

17th century seder plate

banner from Russian revolution of 1905

16th century ceremonial sword

founding document for a never-finished synagogue in Kunmadaras, 1941

probably also a scroll roller cover of some sort

this object looks like a d8 menorah

...and it is, in fact, literally a d8 menorah


last shot of synagogue tower


Donut Library! (sadly now closed)


i failed to get any photos of the books, sadly, but: donut!

i recognize that this is a fire station because Duolingo made me learn the word for 'firefighter,' but i might have figured it out anyway

next stop: the Hungarian National Museum


i don't know what this is, but it's great

this either

batting 100 on incomprehensible sculptures



metal art

15th century tiles

15th century tiles

another tile

17th century memorial slab

17th century Budapest art

a lot of tiles

an artifact at the museum

two-headed bird crest

Polish scale armor

painting of a siege, presumably of Budapest, presumably not the WWII one



19th century Turkish pipes

coat of arms


clothing exhibit

more clothing (early 19th century)

some sort of 18-19th century Hungarian routes

collage of small tools

nice trivet


a poster

a bell

plate showing the Kingdom of Hungary's pre-World War I borders

a poster

newspaper clippings

Hungarian Communist Party poster

flag from the post-war Hungarian revolution (i think)

memorial for the 1956 Hungarian revolution


building exterior in Budapest

coca-cola snowpeople celebrate

dome at Szent Istvan

building in Budapest

Lisa and Tim on a bus

interior map of spa

interior dome of spa

the metro again

beer flight at Bestia

dinner at Bestia



snake art at Bestia

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