Danube - Day 10: Budapest to Boston (on foot and by airplane)

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Scott and i got up and crossed the river to climb Castle Hill and get some last views of the Danube (in the rain). Then we headed to the airport to catch our various planes and head home.

good morning, Hotel Parlament

Scott and i got up early to climb Castle Hill for views of the Danube

exterior of Budapest parliament building

once more with dome

Castle Hill, our destination, from across the Danube

a church across the Danube


traffic and statue on a hill

Scott, reporting on the rain and the long boat docked at this pier

the funicular is also zarva

this tunnel is open for business, though

bridge lion

crossing the bridge

the river! it never gets old

bridge arch lion

approaching the west bank

bridge dedication, about the joining of Buda and Pest

close-up of unhelpfully closed funicular track

coat of arms

Ön itt áll!

non-funicular stairs

an arch

view across the Danube

more stairs

a round tower

arches plus Scott


statue on a hill

hill and river view

Scott looking out a window

me looking out a window (at a roof. no surprise, right?)


more arches

more. arches.


across the river to Szent Istvan and the ferris wheel

top of the funicular

a bird

more bird

across the river to parliament and Margaret Island

traffic on the bridge

bird sculpture


most things were closed, but we stopped at this coffee bar on Castle Hill

back at Hotel Parlament, more coffee from the auto-coffee machine

Joe, at Hotel Parlament

last view of Budapest, in the rain

duty-free Unicum

i don't remember if we tried a Budapest mule at this time, but it's a thing that exists

river and bridge, from the plane

city in foothills, from the plane

bad plane photo, but, look, Alps!

more Alps!

frozen northern things, from the plane

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