Danube - Day 5: Mosonmagyárovár to Győr (by bike, 46.5km)

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On day three of riding, we got sick of arriving at each destination late in the day, and planned to start out early, which meant we were actually on the road before 10. We were slowed down by several factors, including that May 1st is Hungarian Labor Day, so many things were closed. Nonetheless, we got to Győr by 1pm or so, and were able to have lunch there and spend the afternoon wandering around with the Labor Day crowds. In the late afternoon, several of us went to a spa, which turned out to be a small hot-water water park, with a few slides, a pool-based bar, and a great water cave whose acoustic properties we tried out in an impromptu roundsing. After that, we split up for dinner, with a small number of us having an enormous dinner at Halászcsárda, and the rest joining us for drinks and music.

Inside our hotel room in Mosonmagyárovár

outside the hotel


stream near the hotel

door down to the bike garage at our hotel

BDan, ready to head to the bike garage

BDan inspecting their bike

hitting the road

the road ahead, also a weird billboard

Scott, on the road

Stream crossing near Halászi

a dinghy

a small church

a purple tree

a pointy tree

a map

religious art by the church

a memorial

road signs

a hydrant

a bird

a field

Joe and Lisa on the road

the bird takes off

there it goes

our first hint that Hungarian Labor Day is going to be a problem; the bakery on our route sheet is zarva (closed)

fields along the roadside

yellow grasses

tall grasses

church behind plowed fields

commemorative narrow-gauge train in Dunaszeg

more train

map of train route

description of rail history

leaving Dunaszeg

rail history map of Hungary

we are getting a little tired of this dirt path

we were intrigued by this canal water management system

the view down the canal

flood gauge

Scott investigates

another wooden dinghy

Scott continues to investigate

Scott wanders off

longer flood gauge

A Wheel

informational sign

back on the road

leaving the bike path in Győr

building in Győr

end of the bike path

hotel room in Győr

sitting room portion of hotel room

lunch in Győr: soup

lunch in Győr: schnitzel

storefront in Győr

Scott walking down the street in Győr

bike parking at hotel

street in Győr

hexagonal planters

canal view

building in Győr

canal view

Scott and Joe at the canal bridge

building in Győr

reflecting pool with statue

Heroes' square

building facade


synagogue in Győr

information about the synagogue facade

synagogue front door

more synagogue info

in the synagogue courtyard

Emil Roth St

statue on a building

front of a building in Győr

synagogue dome from a nearby street

canal and park view

statue in Győr

water feature

square in Győr

people on the square for labor day

informational sign

another store closed for labor day

street in Győr

scifi art in a window

seems to be a game store

address of the game store

arts building in Győr

nice door. also closed for labor day

a plaque

a statue

a square

park along the canal

view across the canal

another statue

a display of flowers

a cool door

a cool wall

a cool roof

people on the street

many locks

a description in stone

...of a person in a boat

contents of a book wagon

more book wagon contents

a thinking person and a fantastical creature

a drain cover

possible sweet gum ball relative

canoes in the canal

El Paso restaurant

tree by the canal

interior of thermal spa, photographed on the way out

facade of thermal spa


Győr canal view

a complicated roof

Zwack Unicum, the second exciting liqueur of our trip


art at the restaurant

art at the restaurant

the restaurant had a Roma house band, and at one point in the meal, the fiddler played by our table

more dinner

more drinks


more dessert, some kind of blintz situation

art at the restaurant

art at the restaurant

glass elevator of the day, inside the restaurant

front entrance of restaurant

a gazebo

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