Danube - Day 3: Vienna to Hainburg (by bike, 59km)

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First day of riding! Between the briefing, the introduction to our driver Radic, and the bike fitting, we didn't get going until after noon. We crossed the Danube twice, once by bridge on the way out of Vienna, and again by ferry after a late lunch at the crossing. We rode along a canal on the north side of the river, and through fields with farms and windmills on the south side, and arrived at Hainburg late and in the rain.

The front door of Hotel Austria, where we've been for the past two nights

our support van and bikes

Tim assembles his bike

the alley containing Hotel Austria

almost rolling...



away we go!

still in Vienna, crossing the Donaukanal at the Urania building

the Donaukanal, which we are crossing

bike traffic light

we leave Vienna center via a bike/walkway in a long park

trees in the park

BDan in the park

David is ready to cross the Danube

are the rest of us ready?

looking at our maps to be sure

okay, let's go!

so this is pretty cool; it's a circular bike ramp heading down from the cycle bridge across the Danube, landing on Donauinsel

tugboat on the Danube

the group on the Danube bridge bike lane

cable-stayed rail bridge across the Danube

members of our group riding down the bike ramp

Tim on the bike ramp

Joe on the bike ramp

reaching the bottom of the ramp

looking at graffiti under the bridge

we cross from Donauinsel to the north side of the river via this exciting circular ring bridge situation

since you asked nicely, a closer look at the lizard graffiti

more under-bridge graffiti

side view of the yellow ring bridge

canal and windmill

Tim and Scott underway

a floating bridge-dam thing across the canal

our ride continues along a dedicated cycle bridge along this canal, part of long-distance cycling route EuroVelo 6 which we'll be following for most of our trip

Tim, underway

David, Tom, and Bill, underway

Scott, on an embankment

Scott, riding along the embankment

Tim, yielding to a passing vehicle carrying a tree

...possibly more like a convoy of vehicles carrying trees

a pond

riders approaching

Bill, underway

Brian, underway

riders still approaching

Joe and David, underway

Lisa, underway

Scott, not underway

no one is underway because we are photographing this water feature

it's nice, though, right?

look at these marsh grasses

trees by the roadside

the road ahead


trees across a plowed field

the road ahead

At around 3pm, we finally approach our lunch stop at Orth an der Donau

a restaurant, but i think not our restaurant (which was Humers Uferhaus)

a map showing the bikeway we're going to be taking today

we didn't actually get food for most of an hour after we arrived

my soup

fish and chips

an umbrella stand shaped like a fish

next up: our first ferry crossing

my foreign-language victory, possibly of the entire trip, was calling this number and hailing the ferry to come pick us up, in what i expected to be German but turned out to be Hungarian

the river

Tim and Scott help load our bikes onto the ferry

leaving the dock

the river behind us

bikes and people underway

the river

our ferry from the side

the view back across the river

and we're off again

water and plants

oh no, gravel

we climbed a little ways away from the river

roofs and plants and river

riding by a field, with many windmills

train tracks, houses, and the road ahead

discussing the plan

a train approaching

still huddling

windmills, though

a church across a field

riders underway across a field

a church tower, in Scharndorf

side of the church

roofs and a street in Scharndorf

another roof

so many windmills

also it is raining

we stop to take pictures by these yellow flowers

Bill and Brian

Scott, photographing

Tom and David


a windmill

an arch

part of an archaeological site in Petronell-Carnuntum

Tim in front of the arch

looking across a green field at a town in the foothills, probably Hundsheim

more archaeological site

the group on the side of the road, in front of the mountain we have to ride around to reach Hainburg

we're down to eight riders --- David and Tom have gotten a ride to town because of the rain

a ruined castle above a bridge

a less-ruined church


another view of the ruins

view from our window in Hainburg

interior corner of our room

a clock tower

a street in Hainburg, down to a very blue tower

plaque in Hainburg

my appetizer, a goat cheese and paprika ragout

the restaurant's kitchen technically closed at 9, but they were very nice to us

my meal, a veal goulash with a very tasty sauce

other people's food

light patterns on our dinner table

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